Application of Briquette

Briquettes are ready substitute of Diesel, Kerosene, Furnace Oil, Firewood, Coal and Lignite in thermal applications. Use of briquette as an alternative fuel has grown over the years for the switch over for Oil or Coal based plants.

Application of Briquettes to Industries

  • Ceramic and Refractory Industries
  • Chemical Industries.
  • Dairy and Food processing Industries.
  • Textile sizing Industries.
  • Paper Industries.
  • Leather industries.
  • Brick making units.
  • Rubber industries.
  • Gasifier system application
  • Rubber Industries
  • Dyeing units
  • Any industrial thermal heating application.

Advantages of Briquettes

  • Eco Friendly
  • Energy Efficient.
  • Economical
  • Easy Handling
  • Efficiency of Boiler is more.
  • Efficient high burning
  • Effective cost savings on labour
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  • Easy to burn – lower ignition temperature compared to Firewood/Coal
  • Smokeless burning and sustained combustion and the temperature requirement are achieved due to very efficient combustion.
  • Leaves only white ash without any fixed carbon.
  • Full heat value is utilized.
  • No pollution to the environment and no toxic gas and sulphur emission and even no odour.
  • No binder is used.
  • The natural polymer lignin acts as a binder and provides mechanical support and also provides resistance to decay and repels water.
  • The above Bio-Message is very clear. We need not spend more energy and money to grow more trees if we could avoid using them.
  • Thus, all ecological disaster arising from deforestation can be checked.
  • Saves the environment from pollution, all conventional fuel pollutes the atmosphere.
  • Avoids using conventional resources like coal which means that future generation will not be deprived of its utility.
  • Money spent on forestation programmes can be minimized or more land can be forestated.
  • Due to efficient utilization of agro-waste, agriculturists will receive some income from their agro-waste, will make their farming more remunerative and attractive and thereby their standard of living will be improved.



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